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Fifty and Up Friends

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To the Friendship Garden of the Ladybugs of the Fifty and Up Friends Board from iVillage.


Please come visit the Ladybugs' Recipe Site!

The friendly and caring Board hosts;  cl-krsecnd3, cl-sharisoda, cl-klrambo invite you to visit our iVillage community that was developed with the 'older' woman in mind! Most of us who frequent the board are at least 50 years young. If you come to visit you will find that we call our special place by the name of The Friendship Garden and we lovingly refer to ourselves and our guests as the Ladybugs.
Please come visit our Fifty and Up Friends  message board!

The Garden of Prayer .... by Thomas Kinkade

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Since many of us are at, or nearing, menopause (and since I created both sites!) I invite you to come visit our "sister" website!  The Menopause Oasis


Please read these remarks !

Just a friendly reminder of the iVillage TOS that you agreed to when you became an iVillage member. We quote, in part, " agree to not post any message or material that is unlawful, harassing, libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, profane, sexually oriented (unless within the scope of the topic area of a message board as determined by iVillage in its sole discretion), racially offensive, inaccurate, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind... (including) ... "masked" vulgarity, obscenity or profanity e.g. "f*ck")."

Our Garden’s request is that you think of it in these terms, "Please leave all sarcasm and claws outside the gate!"  We like to think of our Garden as a peaceful, safe place in which we can renew ourselves, vent our frustrations, and share our feelings and thoughts openly. In an effort to keep it that way we ask that you follow these simple suggestions:

1) Do not try to begin any "hot debates". If you disagree with, or are upset by, something that has been posted by another Ladybug, simply state that fact and give a brief reason why. If you keep it pleasant, their feelings will not be hurt and they will not need to defend their statement. If you cannot do that, then please refrain from responding to that post. If you really wish to debate the issue, please find another venue for your debate - perhaps personal email!

2) When you copy and share something "cute" please be sure to edit all objectionable words/remarks from it before posting. In this same vein, if you post a URL to a "cute" site, please be sure it does not contain anything objectionable.

3) Please remember that a 'joke' told at any group's expense (be it race, religion, sex, or hair color) may be insulting or even painful for a person belonging to that group.

We would rather not need to remind you of these rules, but sometimes a reminder ‘up front’ is all we need to keep us from going awry! Thus we  address this issue here in an attempt to forestall any need to post a similar reminder on the board.

For your own protection, please read "Some words of caution!" on our Board Hints and Tips page too!

Presented in love and caring for our Garden,
      cl-krsecnd3, cl-sharisoda and cl-klrambo

If you have not already, we suggest that you read the iVillage's:   
Board Rules of Play
...and next, for your 'reading pleasure', the iVillage TOS:
Terms of Service

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Ever wonder what some of us do with our 'spare time' other than visit on the boards or in the chat rooms? Check out some of the games we play! If any of you have a favorite you'd like to share...tell us about it on the board. You will also find some of our favorite informational sites here.
Believe it or not...we do sometimes find time to read too. We all have favorite novels or authors, but what you will find listed here are some books that we have found inspriational in some manner.
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