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Fifty and Up Friends
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A very important request from us to you - - - Please do not make a habit of using lots of these on the Fifty and Up Friends Board! We "older" women are much too easily confused to be able to decipher them!!        Thanx!
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Acronyms you may see used on boards.....

AAMOF   -   as a matter of fact
AF   -   Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
AFAIC   -   as far as I'm concerned
AFAICT   -   as far as I can tell
AFAIK   -   as far as I know
AFK   -   away from keyboard
AIUI   -   as I understand it
ASAP   -   as soon as possible
ATM   -   at the moment
B2W   -   back to work
BAK   -   back at keyboard
BBL   -   be back later
BFN   -   bye for now
BF   -   boyfriend
BFD   -   big ‘freaking’ deal
BITMT   -   but in the meantime
BOM   -   buddy of mine
BRB   -   be right back
BRH   -   be right here
BTDT   -   been there done that
BTW   -   by the way
C4N   -   ciao for now
C&G   -   chuckle and grin
CRS   -   can't remember "stuff"
CDIWY   -   couldn't do it without you
CY / Cya   -   see ya
CYA   -   cover your as*
CTTD   -   cute things they do
CUL8R   -   see you later
CWOT   -   complete waste of time
DB   -   dear brother
DBiL   -   dear brother-in-law (sister-in-law)
DC   -   dear children
DD   -   dear daughter
DDiL   -   dear daughter-in-law
DF   -   dear friend
DGC   -   dear grand children
DGK   -   dear grand kids
DH   -   dear husband
DK   -   dear kids
DS   -   dear son / sister
DSD   -   dear step-daughter
DSS   -   dear step-son
DW   -   dear wife
DIY   -   do it yourself
DLTBBB   -   don't let the bed bugs bite
DSDF   -   different strokes for different folks
EOD   -   end of discussion
EOF   -   end of file
EOM   -   end of message
EMSG   -   email message
ETA  -  edited to add
F2F   -   face to face / friend to friend
FAQ   -   frequently asked questions
FIL   -   father-in-law
FOAF   -   friend of a friend
FOCL   -   falling off the chair laughing
FOM   -   friend of mine
FUA   -   frequently used acronyms
FUBAR   -   "fouled" up beyond all repair
FWIW   -   for what it's worth
FYEO   -   for your eyes only
FYA   -   for your amusement
FYI   -   for your information
G&Bit   -   grin & bear it
GA   -   go ahead
GAL   -   get a life
GBTW   -   get back to work
GD&WVVF   -   grinning, ducking, & walking very, very fast
GF   -   girl friend
GFC   -   going for coffee
GFETE   -   grinning from ear to ear
GMBO   -   giggling my butt off
GMTA   -   great minds think alike
GR&D   -   grinning, running & ducking
GTG   -   got to go
GTRM   -   going to read mail
GTSY   -   glad to see you
H&K   -   hugs and kisses
HAGD   -   have a good day
HAGN   -   have a good night
HAGWK   -   have a good weekend
HAND   -   have a nice day
HTH   -   hope this helps
IAC   -   in any case
IAE   -   in any event
IC   -   I see
ICOCBW   -   I could, of course, be wrong
IDGI   -   I don't get it
IIRC   -   if I recall correctly
IMO   -   in my opinion
IMHO   -   in my humble/honest opinion
IOW   -   in other words
INPO   -   in no particular order
IRL   -   in real life
ISP   -   internet service provider
ISTM   -   it seems to me
IYKWIM   -   if you know what I mean
IYSWIM   -   if you see what I mean
JIC   -   just in case
JFYI   -   just for your information
JK   -   just kidding
JMO   -   just my opinion
JTLYK   -   just to let you know
KISS   -   keep it simple stupid
KIT   -   keep in touch
KMA   -   kiss my as* (or "it’s a freebee!")
KWIM   -   know what I mean?
LHM   -   Lord help me
LHU   -   Lord help us
LHUA   -   Lord help us all
LMAO   -   laughing my as* off
LMBO   -   laughing my butt off
LMHO   -   laughing my head off
LOL   -   laughing out loud
LOLPMP   -   laughing out loud - peed my pants
LOML   -   light (love) of my live
LOTI   -   laughing on the inside
LSHMBB   -   laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
LSHMBH   -   laughing so hard my belly hurts
LTNS   -   long time no see

MBF   -   major brain fog (fart)
MIL   -   mother-in-law
MOW   -   mom on wheels
MTCW   -   my two cents worth
MYOB   -   mind your own business
NBD   -   no big deal
NMF   -   not my fault
NM   -   never mind
NP   -   no problem
NRN   -   no reply necessary
NTYMI   -   not that you mention it
NYOB   -   none of your business
NYP   -   name your poison
OBTW   -   oh, by the way
OIC   -   oh, I see
OM   -   other man
OMG   -   oh, my gosh (God)
OTL   -   out to lunch
OTL-P   -   out to lunch - permanently
OTOH   -   on the other hand
OTTOMH   -   off the top of my head
OW   -   other woman
PEKUSH   -   push every key till something happens
PITB   -   pain in the butt
PMFJI   -   pardon me for jumping in
PMP   -   peeing my pants
POM   -   pal of mine
POV   -   point of view
PS   -   post script
PTMM   -   please tell me more
PWYP   -   practice what you preach
REHI   -   hello again
ROFL   -   rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO   -   rolling on floor laughing my as* off
ROFLMBO   -   rolling on floor laughing my butt off
ROFLOL   -   rolling on floor laughing out loud
ROFLPMP   -   rolling on floor laughing - peed my pants
ROTFL   -   rolling on the floor laughing
ROTM   -   right on the money
RS   -   real soon
RSN   -   real soon now
RTM   -   read the manual
RUOK   -   are you OK?
SAHD   -   stay at home dad
SAHM   -   stay at home mom
SAK   -   sex after kids
SBT   -   sad but true
SD   -   step-daughter
SETE   -   smiling ear to ear
SMAIL   -   snail mail
SNAFU   -   situation normal, all "fowled" up
SO   -   significant other
SOHF   -   sense of humor failure
SPAM   -   stupid person's advertisement
SS   -   step-son
SOL   -   smiling out loud (or you're out of luck!)
STBX   -   soon to be EX
STS   -   so to speak
SWAK   -   sealed with a kiss
TAFN   -   that’s all for now
TAYL   -   talk at you later
TARFUN   -   things are REALLY ‘fouled’ up now
TCOY   -   take care of yourself
TIME   -   tears in my eyes
TFB   -   too ‘freaking’ bad
TIA   -   thanks in advance
TMI   -   too much information
TMIL   -   the man I love
TNSTAAFL   -   there's no such thing as a free lunch
TOY   -   thinking of you
TPTB   -   the powers that be
TSDMC   -   tears streaming down my cheeks
TTC   -   trying to conceive
TTFN   -   ta-ta for now
TTYL   -   talk to you later
TWIL   -   the woman I love
TWMA   -   till we meet again
TX   -   thanks
URL   -   web page address (Uniform Resource Locator)
VBS   -   very big smile
WAHD   -   work at home dad
WAHM   -   work at home mom
WOHM   -   work out of home mom
WB   -   welcome back
WRT   -   with respect/regard to
WTG   -   way to go
WU?   -   what’s up?
WYSIWYG   -   what you see is what you get
YBS   -   you'll be sorry
YG   -   young gentleman
YGIAGAM   -   your guess is as good as mine
YGM   -   you’ve got mail
YGWYPF   -   you get what you pay for
YL   -   young lady
YM   -   young man
YMBJ   -   you must be joking
YMMD   -   you've made my day
YW   -   young woman
b/c   -   because
n/a   -   not applicable
w/   -   with
w/o   -   without
*bg* or <bg>   -   big grin
*eg* or <eg>   -   evil grin
*g* or <g>   -   giggle or grin
*h* or <h>   -   hug
*k* or <k>   -   kiss
*s* or <s>   -   smile
*t* or <t>   -   tickle
*w* or <w>   -   wink