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Fifty and Up Friends
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Create a "Child Identification Kit" . . .
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Game Sites....

Picture Games:


Web Cams....
Did you ever wish you could get a glimpse of what the surf at Ocean City, MD looks like or the Mucuripe Beach, in Fortaleza, Brazil or maybe a look at the Penguin Pool at Central Park Zoo in New York? Here is a link to  EarthCam, the biggest web cam site on the internet!

Want to get an aerial view of your locale or someone else's? Take a look here: Globe Explorer


Hoaxes and Chain Letters....
Ever wonder about statements that are supposed to be true that just don't sound quite true? Something like "The cast of TV's Green Acres ate Arnold Ziffel at the series' wrap party." or "The Texas legislature once passed a resolution honoring the Boston Strangler."
How about an email that comes to you saying something like, "If you receive an email titled "It Takes Guts to Say 'Jesus'" do NOT open it. It will erase everything on your hard drive."
Or how about those that tell you about a missing child, or tell you about a sick child who wants emails, or tell you that the American Cancer Society will give XX¢ per email that is forwarded?
Ah, and the ones about Bill Gates giving away money, or Applebee's giving away gift certificates?
Here are three sites that may answer many of those questions for you:

Sometimes you get a Computer Virus warning that sounds like it might be 'for real'. If it is, you will be able to find out all about it at one of two very reputable sites: V Myths  or  Data Fellows

Are you pestered by the email version of the 'chain letter'? Pepsi or Victoria's Secret gift certificates? Cancer Foundation contributing to a fund for a sick child?  Bras Cause Breast Cancer? Here is another great site at which to check out these 


Days / Dates in History....
With which famous person do you share a birthday? Famous Birthdays

Wondering what happend on a particular date in history? Check out these sites!  Any Day in History   or   Library of Congress - Today in History   or   Those were the days  or  On this day.
Wondering about WAY back in history?   This day in Medieval History

Following are some very interesting "age guages". In each case just put your birthdate into the box provided!
These sites are compliments of  A Bear Named Boy™


Fun Informational Sites....
Find yourself wondering where a particular word or phrase got its beginnings? Word Origins  or Phase and Word Origins

Need to convert a weight from pounds to stones; or a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celcius? Check out this site! Science Made Simple

What time is it in the UK? In Australia? In China? In Los Angeles? Look here:

Displaying the American Flag
Really want to display the American flag, but you want to be sure to do it *RIGHT*?

Are you planning a trip abroad, or maybe to Mexico or Canada even? Wonder what the currency rates are? Check out   The Universal Currency Converter

What kind of "tree" are you? Visit this site to find out! What kind of tree?


Recipes and Household Hints Sites....
Have you been hunting and hunting for a special recipe? Here are a few sites we like to use:

The Cook's Thesaurus   is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools.  Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

Need a household hint about...
    cleaning cookware
    removing stains
    home remedies for ailments
    pet problems
    gardening hints
                    Check out this site!  Tip King
                    Or try this one! Hints-n-Tips


Techie Stuff Sites....

For news about the latest & greatest Messenger services and answers to your questions about them check out this site.


Do you find yourself wishing you had a great big "Computer Dictionary" at your disposal? Well, check this one out! It is a dictitionary / thesaurus / encyclopedia and much more!

Add to The Free Dictionary

For some of the best computer related hints/tips/advice *and* a great shopping site for all sorts of compter software and gadgets at great prices visit World Start.

Another very good site for computer information and sales is The Kim Comando site


Some very good Clip Art sites....

These sites allow direct linking to them.  In other words, you can copy and  paste the graphics directly into your posts.
These sites do not allow direct linking.  You will have to save the graphics to a linkable site such as Photo Bucket to use them in a post.
There are sites too where other folks design graphics that you can "snag" and use.  These too require that the graphic be downloaded and saved to a place such as PhotoBucket for use.


E-Card Sites....


Fun Ladybug Sites....
Here are some 'fun' sites for all things Ladybug:
Ladybug Page  Things to share with the little ones in your life.
Enchanted Learning  Another share with the little ones site.
The Jungle Store (Ladybug page)  A fun shopping site.
The Catalog Site  Leave the words 'All Products' showing and key in 'Ladybugs' in the window next to it...lots of great shopping places here!
Ladybug Links   A site where you will find many other links to Ladybug stuff.
Bugs & Stuff  One more shopping site for Ladybug 'stuff'.
The Ladybug Shop One heck of a store in which to find lots of Ladybug stuff!