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Fifty and Up Friends
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Poems & Such


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Words penned by our very own cl-susiebug5500.
Sung to the tune of "Heart of My Heart"....
Heart of my heart
I love that melody
Heart of my heart
We're making memories
When we were new, our first post on the board
We were shy and timid then
But oh how fast we harmonized
Heart of my heart
How we were welcomed then
We know we'll never part
Whenever a tear would glisten
My Bugs are there to listen
I love our gang that sang
Heart of my heart


An article shared by krsecond3....

Some people come and go in our lives like passing ships, nameless faces or forgotten dreams, who never meant to be part of our lives but they are.

Kindred spirits who come into our world; they touch our hearts and make a difference in our lives. They give us the gift of friendship. And we are not alone.

Friends who share simple, ordinary times in our lives, moments that become memories that stay in our hearts forever... And we will never, ever be the same.

Thanks for making a difference in my life!

This is one of my most favorite poems....
The Art of Living

There’s a special art to living,
And you need a frame of mind
That can overlook the showers,
‘Til the sun begins to shine.
To develop to the fullest,
You have got to understand,
That things don’t always function
In the way that they were planned.

There’s a special art to living,
And the challenge must be met,
But the longer that you try it,
Why the better you will get.
Don’t waste your time in waiting
For the world to come to you,
You have to climb the mountain,
To appreciate the view.

Written by: Grace E. Easley


The following is an article shared by Val (lkgrvlady) in October of 2003...

How To Recognize A Good Woman

A good woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. A good woman has a dash of inspiration and a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them.

A good woman knows her past, understands her present and moves toward the future. A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played. A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring her closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love.

I just sent this to a good woman .....


As of our trip to Savannah in 2006 (our annual BugFest) this has become our "official" Ladybug song!
(a parody of  PRIMROSE LANE
   written by George Callender & Wayne Shanklin
   recorded & released by: Jerry Wallace - 1959 and O. C. Smith - 1970)

Ladybug Lane
Life's a holiday on Ladybug Lane
Just a holiday on Ladybug Lane
With you
Can't explain
When we're walkin' down the Ladybug Lane
Even roses bloomin' in the rain
With you
Sweet perfume
Those little old roses bloom
And I want to walk with you
My whole life through
Ladybug Lane
Life's a holiday on Ladybug Lane
Just a holiday on Ladybug Lane
With you
Sweet perfume
Those little old roses bloom
And I want to walk with you
My whole life through
Ladybug Lane
Life's a holiday on Ladybug Lane
Just a holiday on Ladybug Lane
With you
Don't remember the original? Visit the site ...
Scroll down to Track Listing and choose either the Windows Media Player or Real Player option symbol in front of the song title and listen to the origninal words and tune!

This poem was written by our very own quite_contrary for our 100th board celebration
Ninety-nine archives have gone before
Each and every one has opened a door
Time when stress was at its worst.
A door of wisdom unlocked first
Mother, daughter, caregiver, wife
How do I handle this busy life?
Gently admonished, kindly advised
Take time for yourself I realized
Next many friendships I formed
From all of you many lessons I learned
You taught me to care and for others to pray
To laugh and to share some of my troubles away
From cold northern places and warm southern clime
From East Coast to West dear friendships sublime
Reaching out, holding on, women so kind
Though an ocean apart a twin I did find
Tim Tams and time zones, grand kids and news
Computer tips, weather and even the blues
From Chocolate to Celsius many subjects we chewed
With wit, charm and humor each day Im renewed
How thankful I am for the doors that have opened
Things I have learned and friendships that deepened
May the next 99 archives to each of you bring
Joy, happiness, love and a reason to sing.

~Mary Mary~


Penned by our very own maryl4.....
The Special Garden
If you are lonely, or just feeling blue,
I know of a spot made especially for you.
It's a virtual garden, not the usual kind,
A place to relax and find peace for your mind.
This garden doesn't grow in the usual way,
But is nurtured with love, ideas, and play.
Each flower is different, it's name quite unique,
And it's the beauty of others they so frequently seek.
No gardener is needed to tend this bright spot,
Not sunlight, or water, or bright garden pots.
These flowers, they thrive in their own special way,
And rely on each other to nurture their way.
No blight can destroy the bright blooms that are there,
But ladybug chatter frequently fills up the air.
This magical garden is special you see,
For it's full of contentment and love meant to be.

Dedicated with love to the most wonderful, gracious, caring ladies I know. ~ Marysunshine ~


At times some of us have referred to winding our way "up" the board as climbing the trellis of the Friendship Garden. Our Ontario Ladybug, Joyjan, penned these sentiments based on that thought.
Trellis - an intertwined network made from a variety of materials that holds and supports living, growing things.

How fitting that you've coined the word "trellis" to describe our messages and threads as they move upward and outward through our garden. Sometimes a few leaves or blossoms drop off after a time but the "show" from the "remember when" time is locked in the beauty of the blossoms. At times, visitors drop by, cling for a short moment to the vines, visit the blossoms, then move on forever changed, at least a little, from the garden's magic.

The trellis provides a strong support network for all who alight. The leaves and vines offer temporary hiding places for those bugs who need a little tranquil time or solitude to regroup. It provides gentle, constant hugs to every visitor and resident. And the blossoms - ahh the blossoms - add the beauty, brilliance and sense of wonder that fills our souls. The Garden's trellis, with the added strength of the vines, supports those glorious blossoms through every kind of weather, fair and foul, and helps keep them whole in mind and body.

My thoughts ........ Bless you all.


This poem was written by our quite_contrary in honor of our fall 2005 Ladybug Gathering in Saugatuck, MI.
Off to Michigan we did go, six Ladybugs and one Bumblebee
Kathy, Katie and Kathey with an E, Donna, Francine BB and me
We came from near and we came from far
Some came by plane and some came by car.
Tears in our eyes we greeted each other with wings all aflutter
“So good to see you” we were all happy to utter
Four beautiful days to enjoy friendships and frolic and also much fun
To shop and to dine, and take in all the sites before we are done.
A jewel near the water, Saugatuck glistens on Michigan’s shore
Beautiful sunrise to golden sunset we could not ask for more.
Pretty streets to learn the true meaning of “Shop till you drop”
Fine dining and wines, ice cream too till our bellies could pop
From the steps of Mount Baldhead to the Kalamazoo
Beauty abounds and we found fun things to do
Walks on the beach in soft sugar sand or just soak up the sun
Then the most beautiful sunset before our day is done
Too soon our time comes to an end just like this poem
Ladybugs all and one Bumblebee must fly away home
It’s not about the places you go or the things that you do
It’s about being with friends both old and new

This is a post from our March 19,2007 board. It is from Jenni (one of our lovely Australian Ladybugs). I have included the entire post as it says what so many of us think and a fantastic poem as well!
I found this poem in a scottish magazine called 'The Peoples' Friend', it's sort of trite I guess, but to me it epitomises what I see as the strength within the Friendship Garden:

Be a candle in the dark,
Shine where there is sadness,
Find a star to guide your steps,
Fill your world with gladness.
Smile when someone needs a friend,
Show them love and caring,
Hope is such a special word,
One that's made for sharing.
Be a lighthouse in a storm,
Spreading joy and laughter,
Though dark clouds may fill the sky,
Rainbows follow after.
Be a beacon in the dark,
Soothe the hurt and hating,
Share your love and light and life.....
This old world is waiting!

~ Iris Hesseldon
I do hope that you like it also
Big hugs