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Male Menopause
Menopause Oasis
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And we thought it was only we women who went through menopause! Guess again, ladies! You know that time of life that we have often referred to as a man's Mid-Life Crisis? Well, it does exist and it has a medical cause. In medical terms it is known as Andropause.

A compiled list of symptoms:
  1. Mood changes including depression
  2. Sleeplessness and/or fatigue
  3. Psychosocial, intimacy, family relationship change
  4. Memory changes or forgetfulness
  5. Nervousness, anxiety and irritability
  6. General weakness and loss of energy
  7. Reduced libido, Erectile dysfunction or impotence
  8. Reduced potency and/or penis size
  9. Decreased ejaculatory force and volume
  10. Hot flushes or "flashes", blushing and sweating
  11. Palpitations
  12. Joint aches, pains and stiffness
  13. Bone deterioration - osteoporosis
  14. Changes in hair growth and skin quality. Hair loss in the armpits and genital area is common.
  15. Circulatory problems
  16. Premature aging

Here are some sites that have some very interesting information about Andropause.

Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic:

Andropose Canada:

A very well written (with humor) article titled:  How to Have a Mid-Life Crisis - Sometimes a man has to lose his bearings to find his way.
By Hugh O'Neill for MSN's Lifestyle:Men


Male Menopause:
  by Jed Diamond

Excerpt from the cover of the book:
    ... "Male Menopause" is at the forefront of the movement toward better men's health, bringing understanding to the changes men go through at midlife and showing how to survive the dropping hormone production, diminishing sexual vigor, and frequent mood swings of menopause.


Surviving Male Menopause:  A guide for women and men
  by Jed Diamond

Excerpt from the cover of the book:
    ... In his earlier book Male Menopause, Jed Diamond exposed the worldwide reality that the often-joked-about phenomenon of "male menopause" is indeed a medical, psychological and emotional fact of life for millions of men. Diamond's new book offers guidance to and tells the stories of those perhaps as affected by male menopause as men--women. 
     Surviving Male Menopause examines the most current medical happenings, then focuses more strongly on the emotional, personal side of this life passage. Its effect on relationships and on the individuals involved is unmistakable. Through the recently rising voices of the men and women experiencing this change, Diamond seeks to show women and men how they can emerge on the other side happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Here is a link to web interview with Jed Diamond:


The Andropause Mystery: Unraveling Truths About the Male Menopause
  by Robert S. Tan

Excerpts from the cover and back of the book:
  A must read for men and women, if they wish to understand the aging male's physical, sexual & mental processes.  This book explains secrets behind the Andropause, and delivers hope...
The author shares from his personal research and liberally sprinkles simple-to-read text with down-to-earth case histories. He provides insight to these issues:
 ..Definition of this significant milestone of the Aging Male.
 ..Description of the evolving physical,sexual, psychosocial and mental challenges encountered.
 ..Explanation of the role of hormones and supplements.
 ..Unique perspectives of memory loss, erectile dysfunction and sexuality during the Andropause

Please notice a book titled ....
Double Menopause:
What to Do when Both You and Your Mate Have Hormonal Changes Together
  by Nancy Cetel
....that is listed on our main "Books" page!