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Menopause Oasis
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On this page you will find links to various iVillage pages that deal with related topics and articles that address specific Menopausal questions.

Here are some links to Related Boards here at iVillage:

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The iVillage staff has now provided a central page with links to various topics about Menopause.  Follow the link below to find this incredibel resource.

Menopause:  Your guide to menopause information and support

This page can be found in the Health section of iVillage. Here you will find links to many topics that are discussed at length by "experts" in the field as well as other ever-changing articles.

Here are links to just a few of the great articles that can be found at the site listed above:

Here are links to pages at iVillage that address other issues often related to Peri-menopause:

Diabetes, thyroid disorders and other hormonal illnesses are difficult to understand but can be managed with the right information. Get the basics you need and start feeling better.  Visit the Health and Well being  Diabetes page: Your guide to diabetes information and support and Thyroid Disorders page: Your guide to thyroid disorders information and support.