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Temporary Board "Glitch" Work-arounds!

cl-klrambo board hints & tips pages

Any time there are known "glitches" in the iVillage board system I will try to provide a work-around solution for them here.

Avoid having to see the teeny-tiny print:

There is a way you can beat the system on your own computer until the problem is fixed.   Just be aware that the change will be seen at every site you visit, so if you do a lot of computer roving you may want to reset it when you leave iVillage.

It is a simple work-around:

In IE:
   1. On your Browser's task bar at the top of your screen select 'View'
   2. then select 'Zoom' and change the percentage to the next higher level.  Mine was at 100% and I bumped it to 125%!
    To reset it simply follow steps 1 & 2 and change it back to where it started!

In Firefox:
   1. On your Browser's task bar at the top of your screen select 'View'
   2. then select 'Zoom'
   3. then select 'Zoom In'
   4. then select 'Zoom Text Only'   If you do not do this step all of the graphics on the page will distort too!!!
    To reset it simply follow steps 1 & 2 and select 'Reset'.

I know, ladybugs, this is not something we should *have* to do, but they are working on finding the problem and until they do find it and fix it you can save yourselves some eye strain by making this simple adjustment on your computer.

Bouncing screens:

When you open a post, walk away for a minute or play a computer game that you have open in a separate window, until the screen quits moving around!   It is doing this because of loading ads and individual graphics in poster's siggies.  Once it stops it will be stable until another new ad loads - and sometimes they don't create a bounce at all.

Lost cursor:

Sometimes as you are typing your cursor will suddenly go missing!  You cannot see what you are typing as you type it!
Chances are that you will see a "loading" message appear in the tab at the top of your screen or soome words other than 'Done' on the "status bar" at the bottom (if you have that turned on). Just know that the ad that is causing the page to refresh will be done in a minute and your cursor will re-appear and you can go back to seeing what you ar typing.  
Or you can do like me and keep on typing anyway and just let it catch up with you once the ad has loaded!  Of course I usually have to correct some typing errors when I do that!!!!

Typing a message:

When you open a message box, wait until the WYSIWYG tool bar has fully opened before you begin to type.
   The image below is the WYSIWYG tool bar:

WYSIWYG tool bar.jpg

The system is not ready to accept your typing until that this tool bar has loaded.

Message typing suggestion:

May I suggest that you go back to doing the same thing we often used to do on the old system when we lost a post or two and got frustrated with it ~~~ create your post in a text document and copy and paste it to the text box on the board!

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