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Create, Respond to, or Edit a Post

cl-klrambo board hints & tips pages

Create a Post

You will find several "folders" on our board. Decide which folder your message is appropriate for then.....

  1. Click on the button that reads "START A NEW DISCUSSION " that is in the top, right corner of each folder.
  2. You will now see box named Subject. If you do not key anything into this box and move on to the Post or Preview options you will see that box highlighted in pink and a message across the top of the page telling you  "Please correct the highlighted errors and try again.".  You will also see directly below the subject box the reminder, "Please enter a subject.". You can correct that error right there and move along to Post if you choose. The Post button is at the bottom right of the message box.
  3. Beneath that is the large box into which you can enter your message at the top of which is the word Body. You will see the WYSIWYG features across the top of that box - use them to add color, special font presentation, and other 'stuff' to you post.
    WYSIWYG tool bar.jpg

  4. Just above the text box you will see the options of Rich Text and HTML and Preview and at the far right Spell Check. Should you choose to Preview your message before posting you will be taken to a new page.  When you click on that button you will be taken to another page. There you will see your message as it will appear on the board. Any errors that would keep your message from being posted will be highlighted as mentioned in #2 about the missing subject line.
  5. If you discover that you want to change any portion of your message simply select the Rich Text or HTML option to return to the editable version of your post. 
  6. If you choose to use a Smiley in your post you will see the written form of it displayed in your text box.  Don't worry - it will look like a smiley when it appears in your post!
  7. If you are pleased with the way your message appears, simply click on the Post button.Your message will now be posted to the board.
  8. If, for any reason, you realize that you do not want to post what you have just created you have the option (bottom right) to Cancel your message.
  9. After you have posted your message you will be shown a screen with a message that says "Posted!".
  10. You will be offered two possible Return To links.   The board or the message you just posted to. Choose one of those.

Respond to a Post

Open the post to which you wish to respond. At the bottom of that message you will see to posting options: "Quick Reply" or "Reply" buttons. If you choose "Reply" you will have formatting options just as if you were creating a new message.  If you choose "Quick Reply" you will have no formatting options.

Edit your own post

You have the option of editing a message you have posted if you find you want to do so.

Simply open your message and choose "Edit Reply" from the Options drop down box that you will see in the upper right corner of the message box. below the message.  Make the changes you want. Then choose "Post" at the bottom right side of the message box.

Once your change has been applied a notation will be made within your message that it has been edited ... so, you may want to add a note telling what you changed!

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